Writercon UK is a group of fans who enjoy all aspects of fandom—watching, reading, and looking at fanworks; making art, crafts, and videos; and, of course, writing fanfic and meta. Over the years, our fandoms may change, but our enthusiasm doesn't, and we share our love of fandom with humour and mutual respect.

Once a year, we organise a weekend event, typically held in August or September at the Ramada Hotel in Coventry. Attendees are charged a small membership fee to cover the cost of the Conference Room, refreshments, and a goody bag. All other costs—accommodation, food, drinks—attendees pay directly to the hotel.

The event is small—we aim for 20 to 25 people—so nothing feels impersonal and everything is friendly. New attendees are always welcome, and many become regulars. All panels are hosted by members of the group, the atmosphere is relaxed and informal, and we have many lively discussions. The craft session is designed so that even a complete beginner can make a fandom-related item they can be proud of.

See some of our past panels and craft projects.

Anyone can join the online group by following Writercon UK on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, by joining the Writercon UK LiveJournal or Dreamwidth Community, or by joining the mailing list


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