2016 - 10 years of WriterConUK

Come and join the celebration of ten years of fandom.

Welcome to WriterconUK. We began in 2006 to provide opportunities for the virtual community to meet in real time.  Each year, we organise the Event, a weekend of activities for fandom Writers, Artists, Vidders, Betas and ReadersEveryone has a role in fandom – this is your chance to mix with people who write, create, or simply appreciate the work of those who do.

Creative fans from any fandom are very welcome to join us. So far, we have members who list Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Starwars,  Grimm, Doctor Who, Being Human, BtVS, AtS,  Discworld,  Man from Uncle, and Sherlock among their interests, as well as crossovers - some of them unexpected (Bagpuss and other Children's series).

If you cannot attend the Event, you are  welcome to participate in some of our online activities, so come and join the online Community

Community on Live Journal 

where it all began

Workshop Presentations 

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